We only have one planet

our mission, your future.

Our values

Fair & sustainable clothing

Everyone can do cheap, that's why we produce sustainably. All our shirts, sweaters and hoodies are fair wear. Because it is our duty.

Perfect working conditions

People who work themselves to death in fields and in sewing? Not with us. All our shirts, sweaters and hoodies are GOTS certified.

Appreciation for Artists

"You get reach when you draw something". We hate that phrase. We have good money for artist creativity.

A strong brand for our customers

Thanks to our certificates and the sources, you can shop with us with peace of mind. you get what you see No more, no less.

The purchase price is not decisive

fair wear is what drives us

We do not produce at the cheapest price, but at the best conditions for everyone in the manufacturing process. All of our cotton plantations, sewing workshops and factories are certified and treat people like people. We obtain our goods from fair manufacturers in Bangladesh, Taiwan, China, Pakistan and refine them in the USA or Europe. Our factories in Europe are located in Latvia, Spain and the UK. In each of these cotton plantations, sewing workshops and mills there are independent institutions that oversee the manufacturing process. These institutions are refinanced by all manufacturers. This ensures human rights and quality of life.

How does Teebash represent its values?

Safety instead of blind trust

Here you can find more information on how we implement our values. The highest transparency for you.

we do

Streetwear for everyone

Big or small, we bring your streetwear line to market. As an artist, content creator or organizer, offer your followers / viewers and people from all over the world a way to represent your brand. There are no extra costs for you and you don't get stuck on your clothes. This is a win for everyone involved. Best of all? You get environmentally friendly, organic, vegan & sustainable, without any compromise.

We stand for that

people are not commodities

In many factories, people are denied their rights and treated like cattle. There is rarely a luxury like health insurance or occupational safety. One of the biggest grievances are the agreed rights of women. In many countries, rape and violence against women are part of everyday life. Child labor is still an issue in 2022 and is used by companies to produce cheaply. This opens the door to slavery, poor working conditions and catastrophic living conditions.

We are changing these terms

because that's important to us


Our certificates ensure that we only work with companies that care about human rights.

At sight

The certificates ensure that independent people oversee the companies and comply with our standards.


Every day people are local and ensure that our standards are not disregarded. That creates trust.


We hang in there. Only when we can determine with 100% certainty that the company is fair do we start working together.

For maximum transparency

Our works in the world

Artists are not machines

appreciation for artists

With us, the artists don't burn out. Our artists are free to choose the motif and product they want to decorate. Best of all, per sale, the artist gets 40-50% of the profits. This allows artists to build their independence and passive income. In addition, the artist retains all rights to their images.

That's why artists trust us

We treat them with respect

Our artists are actively involved in the growth, expansion and changes within Teebash.

We Appreciate

content creators

Content creators who don't have 3,000 viewers want decent merchandise. That's where we come in. We work out a streetwear line with content creators, produce it, take care of shipping and customers who request support. We look at each content-creating individual, then we decide whether to start working together. Everyone has completely equal opportunities and is not preferred.

Shared Revenue

From each sale, 50% of the profit goes to the artist.