Because we are content creator and artist focused. We don't focus on the highest margin - our goal is to give you the best experience and not rip you off like a Christmas goose. With us, YOU have control over the clothing, so you know exactly what resonates with your viewers/followers. We take care of shipping, customer support as well as product development, finding and suggestions. Best of all: You can and should get involved, we want your ideas! If you don't find something well solved or don't agree with the price, then we can talk about it. We take this feedback very seriously and we seek a compromise so that you and we are satisfied. We only change our manufacturers in consultation with you and will inform you if we have to. You always know 100% where our clothes come from. No other platform offers you that except e.g. B. Ferchandise (props to the boys & girls at this point). Platforms such as Redbubble, Streamelements, Spreadshirt and Co. do not have such transparency. The manufacturer could be changed there at any time and you as the creator/artist have no influence on it.

With us you also retain the rights to the images, this is not the case with Redbubble, Streamelements and Co. We don't want gag contracts, we want trust.

If you decide to run your own shop with the motifs at the same time, you are allowed to do so. We don't stop you, we encourage you.
With us you also retain the rights to the images, this is not the case with Redbubble, Streamelements and co. We don't want gag contracts, we want trust.

If you decide to open your own shop with the motifs at the same time, you are allowed to do so. We don't stop you, we encourage you.

The unisex t-shirt made of organic cotton - Stanley/Stella STTU755 costs us €13.95 net to purchase.

Here we have to add the following amounts:

Artist name label in the shirt: €2.20
Shipping: €3.90
Each additional T-shirt: €2.00

That's already €19.50 net.

As soon as we have 10,000 orders a month, we could save another €1.76 here. However, we will not include these in our example.

With taxes we are then at a gross of 23.21 €

Here, however, further costs have to be included in the sales price, these costs are based on 100 orders per month. This means that if these 100 orders per month are not reached, we will make a minus.

Costs €29 per month, so we have to add €0.29 to each order here.

The domains are currently 120 € per year, here we calculate 0.06 € on each order.

Some tasks in Shopify cannot be solved without apps without spending a lot of time, e.g. B. Invoices, cookie banners and Co. That makes another 0.20 €.

So we have fixed costs of around €0.63 per order. We also pass them on because it would make no sense not to do so.

This brings us to a gross cost of €23.84.

What should not be underestimated here are the packaging costs, payment transactions and transaction fees at the bank. We cannot provide you with these values ​​down to the cent, here it depends heavily on where the goods are imported and how they are paid for. [ 22:26 ] Here is a sample calculation from an order from Germany with a sales price of €35:

Payment transactions: €1.52

Packaging entry fee is just under €0.20 per item, this ensures that the packaging material can be recycled in the respective country. By and large, this is supported by the recycling system in the respective country. We are currently not passing on these costs.

That means we have a turnover of €35, a gross of €23.84 and therefore a gross profit of €13.63. If we deduct the taxes here, we are at €11.46 net.

Now we have to split it up like this:

50/50 Split:
5.73 € for each, then there are taxes for the artist, so he later ends up at about 3 - 4 €.

20/40/40 Split:
€2.29 for the Affiliate, €4.58 each for Artist and Teebash.

So you see: there isn't that much left. In contrast to the competition, we are quite within the limits. For many products we are even 10 - 15 € cheaper. Our shirts go well over the counter at others for over 40 €. I think, however, that 50-85% margin is fully justified.


Each of our products is made especially for you. This saves important resources in the environment and protects the groundwater. Therefore, one of our principles is not to store any products.


We focus on what we can do: unique motifs for your clothes. Our clothes are printed by partners all over the world. These partners receive strict guidelines from us to ensure consistent quality. Our partners choose the best and fastest shipping service provider for you.


Don't worry, that smell will be gone after the first wash! The smell is due to the printing process we use for the shirts, hoodies and sweaters. What you smell there is the adhesive mixture that is applied before printing to increase the bond between the garment and the print. However, this glue is not harmful to you and is biodegradable

Products that are made vegan are advertised on the product page with the PETA certificate. We attach great importance to providing you with full transparency.

Some of our raw products are manufactured in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and India. The rest of our raw products are manufactured in the USA or the EU. The finishing is done by printers in the EU and the USA. The products will then be sent to you by the shortest possible route.


Yes, with 40-50% of the profit per sale. In the past we have also paid the artists per motif. Unfortunately, the economic situation no longer allows this. If we paid every artist for every motif, we couldn't keep Teebash going. Should the economic situation change again, we plan to pay for the motifs in advance and to pay out an additional 40 - 50% of the profit.


Our expectation of you is that you can represent the brand, your streetwear and the entire project with a clear conscience. Personally, we are not a fan of expecting something directly, it is more important to us that you are authentic. Authenticity comes from trusting Teebash and our team. Of course we could now write something like: "Our expectation is that you put in a panel for advertising purposes". However, we don't think this ratio is conducive nor does it represent how we intend to use Teebash. That's why we don't expect anything from you, but rather from ourselves. We expect from us that we convince you so much, that you are satisfied and stand behind the brand that you want to advertise it independently.

We're building something big together. Teebash is still in its infancy and very pragmatic. First cover the running costs and then pursue the ideal.

You can focus on what's important to you: streaming and creating content.

Finding products, ideas and suggestions are on our record and give you more time for your priorities.

You no longer have to deal with the entire maintenance of streetwear, which saves time.

We are actively thinking about special pieces that would not be produced anywhere else.

Teebash stands for affordable clothing - the more we sell and grow, the more the price goes down. For socially disadvantaged societies, this means higher-quality clothing without selling a kidney.

With your contribution you create jobs, a future and security. Starting next year, we plan to hire two social media employees on a part-time basis.

The benefits are increased with the achievement of the goals!

Shared Revenue

From each sale, 50% of the profit goes to the artist.