Hey cool that you are here!

Fancy something new?

Then become an artist with us. Live it out on clothes and create something very special for your fans & followers. In addition, you get 50% of the profit :)

4 easy steps

How Teebash works

Your artwork, your decision

We don't talk you into it. You decide what you draw.

Your creativity, our clothes

You send us your artwork and we'll take care of the rest.

With every sale, 50% of the profit goes to you

We sell your shirts, you get your cut.

Our network, for more orders

Exclusive access in Discord for more connections to artists & influencers.

You are not just an artist

we are partners, on the same eye level

We hear you, appreciate your work and take you seriously. With us you are not a small cog. You have a say in products, prices and our company policy. With us you keep 100% of the rights to your picture. So you can decide freely about your artwork.

Why should I go to Teebash?

Full control, you know where the goods come from

Certificates upon certificates, we do the research for you. So you can rely on top quality.

Fair wear doesn't have to be a unicorn

Fair wear always has to be expensive? We offer the best on the market for a good price. So everyone benefits from it.

The full insight, behind our scenes

From purchase price to taxes. With us you can track every cent of the product. So you can stand behind it 100%.

You decide together with us

Every month we have an open exchange with all artists. Criticism can be expressed freely there and changes can be brought about.

You want to give away your works?

Get your clothes at wholesale price

Do you want cool Christmas and birthday presents or just want to make someone happy? You can purchase any product on the page at wholesale price. With this you make a really good deal and someone you like happy!

Not convinced yet?

additional benefits of Teebash

Trust is stronger than gag contracts

As of November 3rd, 2022, no artist or partner has a contract with us. We rely on trust and honesty.

We bear the costs and the risk

You don't have to invest a cent to start with us. We take full risk for everything.

You save a lot of your valuable time

Setting up a shop takes time and money. Save yourself that and get started with us.

More reach for you and your art

When we grow, we grow together. Each of us is being seen and clicked more.

Diversity is important to us

and we miss you

We'd love to welcome you. Fill out the form and we will get back to you within 7 days at the latest. Then it's time for your personal call with us and we'll get started.

Shared Revenue

From each sale, 50% of the profit goes to the artist.